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Merzouga is a small but unbelievably picturesque village in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, and when it comes to Merzouga sights, you will be shocked by the incredible things to be seen both in and around this tiny village. Despite the importance of tourism in Morocco, Merzouga has remained rather untouched and is still inhabited […]
Visiting Merzouga with your Family   Here are some Merzouga family travel tips you can use for your vacation. Merzouga is equipped with many little hotels, restaurants and shops, so families can feel comfortable while staying here. Merzouga is close to a couple of interesting desert sites. Visiting them will guarantee for a memorable family […]
The dunes of the erg Chebbi constitute the great curiosity of the area. They are real moving sculptures in the form of draperies, whose colors vary according to the intensity of the light.  They are drawn up like alive walls in  the doors of the desert (40 km of the border of Algeria). Highest reach 160 […]
  is the best way to enjoy family holidays, The truth is that never we would have thought of writing any advice on this subject, if not because we have seen a significant number of people who delve into the network for this type of information, we have been thinking that there could be a concern, […]
المملكة المغربية Al-Mamlaka al-Magribiya Royaume du Maroc Kingdom of Morocco   General Information The official religion of the Kingdom of Morocco is Islam. The population is 28 million according to the statistics of June 1994. The capital is Rabat, the economic capital Casablanca and Fez scientific capital. The North Africa and Morocco were slowly drawn into […]