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info About Morocco

المملكة المغربية
Al-Mamlaka al-Magribiya
Royaume du Maroc
Kingdom of Morocco


General Information

The official religion of the Kingdom of Morocco is Islam.
The population is 28 million according to the statistics of June 1994.nomad berber child Morocco bestofdesert
The capital is Rabat, the economic capital Casablanca and Fez scientific capital.
The North Africa and Morocco were slowly drawn into the Mediterranean world by Phoenician trading colonies and settlements in the classical period. The arrival of Phoenicians heralded a long engagement in the wider Mediterranean, as this strategic region formed part of the Roman Empire, known as Mauritania Tingitana. In the V century AD, the fall of the Roman Empire, the region fell to the Vandals, Visigoths and, later, under the Byzantine Empire in rapid succession. However, during this time, the high mountains territories remained under the control of Berber inhabitants.

First Islamic times

Morocco was modernized in the late seventh century, with the advent of Islam, which resulted in the conversion of many Berbers and the formation of states such as the Kingdom of Nekor. The country soon lost control of the distant Abbasid Caliphate of Baghdad under the power of Idris I, founder of the idrisíes in the year 789. Morocco became the center of learning and greater regional power.

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European influence

They successful Portuguese efforts to control the Atlantic coast in the fifteenth century the Mediterranean heart of Morocco deeply affected. After the Napoleonic Wars, Egypt and the North African Maghreb became increasingly ungovernable from Constantinople, pirates resources of local beys, and industrialized Europe, were a growing potential for colonization. The Maghreb had great wealth compared with other still unknown Africa and an important strategic location that affected the output of the Mediterranean. In a first time, Morocco became a state with some interest in the European powers. France showed a strong interest in Morocco since 1830. Recognized by the United Kingdom in 1904, the French sphere of influence in Morocco provoked a German reaction; the crisis of June 1905 was resolved at the Algeciras Conference, held in Spain in 1906, where he was formally a “special position” and entrusted French policy of Morocco to France and Spain together. A second Moroccan crisis provoked by Berlin, increased tensions between European powers.


Morocco recovered its policy of France and Spain independence on March 2, 1956; and on April 7 of the same year France officially relinquished its protectorate in Morocco. Agreements with Spain in 1956 and 1958, Morocco regained territories previously controlled by that country. However he tried to claim other Spanish colonial territories obtained in the Ifni War of 1957. The international city of Tangier was reintegrated through the Tangier Protocol on October 29, 1956. Morocco is a member of the UN since 12 November 1956. in 1958 Morocco Spain recovers from the province of Cabo Juby. King Hassan II of Morocco on March 3, 1961 was proclaimed.about face nomad berber Morocco bestofdesert about face mroccan Morocco bestofdesert

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